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Keith Dotson's Fine Art Photography Podcast is now available to listeners on the Pandora app.

How to sponsor a podcast episode cost-effectively

For a $250 one-time fee, you’ll get a “sponsored by” mention at the beginning of one episode, plus a 30-second read of your message, which can be inserted at the beginning or midpoint of the same episode.

The sponsored-by portion of the message will also be included in the written description on the podcast host page (Anchor), and on the accompanying blog post at

Studies have indicated that host-read messages are the most effective form of podcast marketing.

Your ad will be the only one on the episode and it will be perpetual.

You can select to place your message into a previously recorded podcast episode, or to be part of the next upcoming episode.

Please make sure your product or service is appropriate for the subject matter of the podcast (photography or visual art related). 

Keith reserves the right to reject any advertising messages for any reason.

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*Prices subject to change.

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