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Keith Dotson's Fine Art Photography Podcast

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Why sponsor this podcast?

The audience for this podcast isn’t the largest — certainly nowhere near the size of podcast superstars like Joe Rogan. Rather, this is a niche podcast, targeted at a passionate and devoted audience, written and hosted by Keith Dotson, a professional fine art photographer.

Keith Dotson photographing a detail inside an abandoned farmhouse somewhere in the southern U.S.
Keith Dotson photographing a detail inside an abandoned farmhouse somewhere in the southern U.S.

What sets this podcast apart?

Most photography podcasts are discussions about the latest gear, cameras, lenses, accessories, etc. Many of them are essentially advertising for camera manufacturers. This podcast aims to talk about other topics that aren’t covered elsewhere. Keith Dotson is an active artist who creates a wide variety of content, in addition to selling prints.

Topics discussed have included photography history, biographies of the great photographers, in-depth discussions of antique print processes, tips and advice from a working professional fine art photographer, and discussion of trends and issues related to photography.

Our most listened episode is this one:
Did You Know it’s Illegal to Possess Most Bird Feathers in the U.S?

Like all our episodes, it was meticulously researched and sourced.

How to sponsor a podcast episode

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  • You can select to place your message into a previously recorded podcast episode, or to be part of the next upcoming episode.
  • Please make sure your product or service is appropriate for the subject matter of the podcast (photography or visual art related). 

Keith reserves the right to reject any advertising messages for any reason.

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Keith Dotson is a professional fine art photographer who specializes in black and white landscapes, cityscapes, and abstractions from nature.

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