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Field Recording: Bird Songs on Location in a Springtime Forest

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Camera on a tripod in the gree forest

In this episode, a field recording: the sounds of a green forest in springtime

Welcome back to the Fine Art Photography podcast. In this episode, another field recording. This time, experience with me the joyous sounds of an isolated forest in springtime.

I was shooting some landscapes in this forest recently when I paused between shots to savor the environment, and I thought you might like to experience it too.

Wherever you may be while listening to this, close your eyes, and let me teleport you to a very green place. We are standing in knee deep grasses, surrounded on all sides by a vivid green wood. The air is cool, and we are bathed in the surround sound of bird songs.

Enjoy. I’ll talk to you again real soon.

Hosted by
Keith Dotson

Keith Dotson is a professional fine art photographer who specializes in black and white landscapes, cityscapes, and abstractions from nature.

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